Lighthouses and what they represent to me.

When I first started ARTS Z CRAFTS Z,  I was drawn to LIGHTHOUSES (pardon the pun). I even used it as a  logo type graphic on my business cards, way back then. I loved to illustrate them, paint them, carve them out clay, dimensional wall art, you name it. I’ve done some amazing pieces centered around that theme and I will share with you what they represent to me…



They are a BEACON of Hope. they represent the LIGHT of Gods love piercing through the darkness, seeking the lost and the wayward. They are comforting and stand as a safe haven between the elements and man. I see them as place of solemnity and solitude, close to the ebb and flow of the rolling sea.



As an artist, I have always enjoyed landscapes and architecture, so I suppose ‘the Lighthouse’ is the ULTIMATE combination of both. I have only recently delved into the portrait area of art and I am enjoying it immensely.

Lighthouses will always hold this special significance for me. I will be adding section to this site to showcase and highlight the many forms of art I have created over time.  I will add them collectively and whenever possible, will create specifically named sections for works that center around themes i.e. Lighthouses, butterflies, bridges, sunsets, etc.

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 Some interesting facts (excerpt from

First Lighthouse: Boston, MA (1716)

Oldest Lighthouse in Service: Sandy Hook, NJ (1764)

Newest Shoreside Lighthouse: Charleston, SC (1962)

Tallest Lighthouse: Cape Hatteras, NC (191 ft.)

Highest Lighthouse (above sea level): Cape Mendocino, CA (515 ft.)

First American-built West Coast Lighthouse: Alcatraz Lighthouse (1854)

First lighthouse to use electricity: Statue of Liberty (1886)

First Great Lakes lighthouses: Buffalo, NY & Erie, PA (1818)

Founding of the US Lighthouse Service—7 August 1789

US Lighthouse Service merged with the Coast Guard—7 July 1939

To find a list of lighthouses in the United States, visit the National Park Service: