Susan Marie, Founder of Arts Z Crafts Z Ltd.

[Artist, Designer, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur] 

“I have been commissioned by companies such as; The Danbury Mint/MBI and RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns TheRise.org. to name a few & sought after for my photorealistic mural ability. I have a creative and innovative approach to design, including my own line of beaded fashion accessories & woodcraft kits. Having a background in graphics, web design and affiliate marketing & management allows for a fuller representation of expression whether it be for my own individual pursuits or that of my client’s. I specialize in individualized solutions relating to; banners, cinemagraphs, graphics, flyers, web design, Logo design, social media campaigns, product development, jewelry, fashion accessories, kids crafts, paint parties & creatives.

“Intelligent Art (c) Arts Z Crafts Z Ltd

After years having painted in traditional mediums, across several
modalities; including but not limited to murals, 3 dimensional installations,
fine art portraits, landscapes and architectural renderings… Susan Marie (SMZ)
expanded and refined her own unique art form, called Intelligent Art, since 2005.

This unrestricted, mixed method approach and proprietary techniques to bring forward spectacular visions of capture, color, life and movement.”