PINIATURES ® ™ Craft Kits


ARTSZCRAFTSZ’s flagship product, PINIATURES ®™


Miniature Furniture designs, constructed with clothespin halves!

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Complete Kit with Snap closure/ Portfolio




It is so rewarding envisioning these creations in my mind,

and then bringing them into the physical, in a tangible way.

If I can help someone see common every day, ordinary items in a new way, than

I have accomplished a goal. The simplest things used in a different way bring new life

to things that we either wind up not utilizing or worse yet , throwing away. A little creativity can change that.

It’s that creativity that can prevent more waste in our environment as well as help us tap into already existing

supplies of materials at our immediate disposal. Everyone benefits from recycled based creativity!

Craft Kit comes complete with:

41 clothespin halves (enough to complete project)
1 sheet of wax paper
1 sheet of sandpaper
Step by Step Color Picture & written instructions
1 Plastic Portfolio
Full Color Photo design & decorate ideas (pins are affixed to this cardboard sheet) doubles as a work surface after pins are removed

Instructions Only Packet ~

Consists of the Step by Step instructions as well as the Product Cover and Idea Sheet PDF
5 1/2″ across / 5 1/2 ” high / 3 1/2″ deep

“PINIATURES” is the name of the Wood Crafts Kits that I designed and Trademarked! Although only one of the Hundred plus designs is available for Retail Purchase. This was an incredible experience. Designing something from concept to complete. Every aspect of the content, every detail of the packaging, the set design for the cover photo, the instructions and the step by step photos, every bit of it was created, managed and implemented by me, in house. Once I had it exactly as I wished it to be, I passed it off to my Manufacturer who did a wonderful job fulfilling my expectations. It was quite the learning experience on every front!

PINIATURES ~ Give the Gift of Creativity!

PINIATURES kits are popular as a gift, it’s a craft kit that makes a toy. Kit comes with: Premium quality clothespins (enough to complete the design) Step by Step instruction (with easy to follow pictures) Sheet of wax paper Sheet of sand paper *Reusable Plastic Portfolio box (*see note) Translucent Plastic Reusable Portfolio case comes in Clear, Pink, Light Green or Yellow can not guarantee specific packaging color.

Unique designs constructed entirely of clothespin halves. These craft kits are educational and highly interactive. They promote excellent eye/hand coordination while promoting use of logic skills as we break the process down into phases. It only takes one time through the kit instruction process for the person, child or crafter to “get it”. Results may vary slightly but overall the experience is a fun and rewarding one.