New at Walmart: 10 Stunning Wood Surface Project Ideas!

Feeling a little bit crafty? What better way to channel that creative energy than with a few blank slates. Or, in this case, blank wood surfaces. Photo frames? Yes, please. Wall art? Don’t mind if we do. A jewelry holder, you say? We thought you’d never ask. As DIY craft mavens ourselves, we know a thing or two about a thing or two, but specifically about tszujing up a plain wooden surface. What we love most about these surfaces is that 1., they’re available at Walmart, so hello convenience, and 2., these fun DIY projects are super chic and on trend. Your style miles may vary, but we think these surface transformations are the bee’s knees.
We heart decor projects, so much so that we love decor projects that showcase our heart-shaped appreciation. Thankfully, this shutter project features a sweet patterned heart that is right up our affection alley. Bust out that scrapbook paper and get to cutting out hearts like you were in elementary school again, minus the safety scissors. Or include the safety scissors – we don’t know your skill set. Some sparkly Mod Podge adds that extra “hey look at me, I’m glittery” effect that literally everyone on this planet adores and we certainly can’t get enough of. Also, the “I Love You” phrase is super perfect for when you haven’t heard those three little words from your friends and family and could use the reassurance from your wall art.
Need another self-esteem boost from your home decor? Look no further. This ultra-cute wall-hanging has all the makings of a colorful art display, but with 1000% more positive vibes. We think the phrase “You Are My Sunshine” adequately conveys the admiration we have for this decor project. With an assortment of stylish scrapbook papers and a fashionable font, this fun artwork is sure to add a dose of funky flair to your walls. Plus, we love home design that prioritizes our mood.
Buttons, buttons, everywhere and not a craft to make…..until today. Your button hoarding will finally pay off with this simple craft project that utilizes everyone’s favorite clothing fasteners. Clearly, buttons are the name of the game, with button-centric scrapbook paper providing the theme and actual buttons making a much welcome appearance. Some Mod Podge and a mason-jar shaped wooden surface round out the features of this project that will look right at home in your craft room.
Chalkboard surfaces are a fun way to get your message across without having to say a word. We’re particularly fond of chalkboards that combine function with style, which is why this vibrant shutter surface/chalkboard combo delights us so. With charming scrapbook paper patterns and a vivid Apple Barrel paint color, this craft project makes it entirely possible to literally brighten someone’s day. 
Give both your amazing selfies AND your amazing jewelry cool, contemporary craft treatments that are worthy of their greatness. This directional wooden surface is easily transformed into a jazzy jewelry holder using a modern color palette, on-trend color blocking, and decoupage feathers. If we could, we’d probably wear the project as a piece of jewelry. 
And let’s not forget that incredible selfie you took that was so stunning, you decided to make an actual print and frame it. Just any old frame won’t do. Use scrapbook paper and a hashtag symbol to add the perfect embellishment to a photo frame hand-crafted for your magnificence.
Add a touch of industrial chic to your home decor with this hip art piece that incorporates metallic finishes and matte Mod Podge. A simple printout or industrial-themed scrapbook paper instantly transforms a blank, wooden canvas into an edgy design accessory. An “at” symbol painted with FolkArt metallics ups the contemporary ante, even if you can’t send this particular work of art as an email.
Rose-hued pastels and a soft ombre are always tres romantique, and they’re even more dreamy when incorporated into your decor projects. A pallet box, pallet coaster, and DIY photo frame all get a little swoon-worthy thanks to a gentle color scheme and a few winsome embellishments. Savor the good times with a lovingly decoupaged photo frame that features an ampersand and some personalized phrases. A pleasant scrapbook paper pattern and softly distressed paint colors make a simple coaster a welcome bedside addition. Complete the trifecta of nightstand romance with a dusty pink ombre and rose-themed decoupage on a wooden pallet box.
We love that these crafts are both decorative and functional, and they’re easily customizable to suit your decor and specific tastes. Better yet, they’re fairly simple to make, which means you can actually make craft projects that you’re not ashamed to show your loved ones.
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from The Plaid Palette